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Watercolour painting course

Description: Watercolour painting course, with theoretical explanations, tips and exercises to help you start using watercolour and to pursue your own researches. It is better to have some knowledge of drawing, but the teacher will also explain the basics of drawing. 

Place: Marshall Building, La Muette, Level S1 - Atrium, Room S028

Date/Time: Wedensdays from 7-9 pm in the Marshall Building

Cost: 120€ per trimestre + 10 euros per course. Equipment to be provided by the student.

Teacher: Helen Ström:  06 85 21 71 77,

To Enrol: Contact the professor


Helen Ström

Helen Ström


Diploma or qualifications : 

Studied art in the Beaux Arts de Paris' adult courses, among other classes with french artists (drawing and watercolor)

10 years of experience 

4 years with Alora