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What : Sophrology: Created in 1960 by Pr. Caycedo, neuro-psychiatrist. It has been inspired by Yoga, Hypnosis , Buddhism and Zen. It is a complete method of personal development and study of techniques, that enables one to obtain serenity of the mind. By creating this harmony between body and mind, using all our resources and capacities, we can reinforce our positive energy and serenely face all life events. This is done through a structured and easy method of: breathing, relaxation, visualisation simple body exercises.


Whom for: For those who wish to improve their quality of life and work performance.



La Muette: Beginners class in French: Mondays 12-1 pm, Advanced sessions in French: Mondays 1-2 pm

Boulogne: Beginners class in French: Tuesdays 12-1 pm, Advanced sessions in french: Tuesdays 1-2 pm


 Sophrology sessions for beginners may also be proposed in English, according to the number of participants signed up.


Price: 20€ per person/session

135€ per trimester (10 sessions) for Advanced level

121.50€ per trimester (10 sessions) for Beginners (first class is free for new participants)


Contact: Nicole Van Wittenberge


Limited to 20 per class! (priority to trimestrial subscribers) First come, first serve.


Regularity will optimize the effectiveness of the sessions.