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Photography Workshop



Level 1

Wednesdays 6:30pm - 9pm, dates to be confirmed with the teacher.
La Muette.

An introductory-level course covering the fundamental principles and techniques of photography through lecturem discussion, hands-on pratice and analysis of photographs, designed to help participants increase their confidence, make decisions faster and more instinctively, take fuller advantage of their cameras' capabilities and ultimately take better pictures.

Detailed course description [pdf]


Level 2

Thursdays 6:45pm - 9pm, 31 May - 28 June.
La Muette.

An intermediate-level course emphasising aesthetics (composition, light, specific techniques), half seminar and half shooting in the field.
Open to those who completed the Level 1 course or who understand the fundamental principles of photography, and who have a camera with manual exposure settings. In English.

Full course 100€




Level 2

Wednesdays 7pm -  9pm, until 27 June.
La Muette.

An elementary/intermediate-level workshop during which we will conceive, shoot and edit one or more projects.
Open to those who completed the Level 1 course or who have some understanding of camera work and editing, and who have a camera or phone capable of shooting HD video. In English.

Cycle complet 100€


For more information, contact Tom Feierabend.