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Singing Workshop

Description: To liberate and control the unique and hidden musical instrument which is the voice: to free oneself from daily stress. Beginners or advanced, with the help of an active method (simple and fun exercises) discover the relation body-voice – the results are surprising! Personalized learning of vocal techniques, interpretation; work with or without music scores. You choose what you wish to sing (variety, musical comedy, classical, etc…). Free trial lesson 

Place & time: La Muette: in the Marshall Building Wednesdays Room 5 from 1-2 pm; Fridays Room 2 between 11 am-1 pm and 2-3:30 pm and Room 5 from 1-2 pm; DELTA:  Auditorium on Tuesday between 12-2 pm 

Number of participants: maximum 4 people per one hour class, Individual lessons possible 

Cost: 150€/quarter 

Instructor: Zsuzsanna Pajor, lyrical artist, creator of musical shows, also trained in psychology and relaxology. She has been conducting singing workshops for 15 years. 

Contact: for further information contact Zsuzsanna: 06 62 44 21 70,  

Coordinator: DavidWooding 


Zsuzsanna Pajor

Zsuzsanna Pajor


Diploma or qualifications : 

Diplôme universitaire en psychology (Budapest); Première mention chant Conservatoire de Rueil-Malmaison;

18 years of experience 

9 years with Alora