Alora diary - September

Alora English Book Club
11 September at 7:15 pm
This month, the English Book Club will discuss « Things Fall Apart » by Chinua Achebe
Contact Mieke Reece to sign up and for more information.

Alora Exchanging Culture and Communicating in English
13 September at 11:30 Marshall Building, ALORA Room 5, La Muette

Join in friendly and relaxed discussions whilst practising your English.
Free for ALORA members - Contact: Henrietta Flinn

Alora Alora Café Contacts
14 September from 10:00 am.
at Le Jardin du Petit Palais Café/Restaurant in the Musée du Petit Palais, avenue Winston Churchill, 75008 Paris,
M° Champs-Élysées Clémenceau.
Relaxed social event for newly-arrived spouses/partners of OECD, IEA, NEA and country delegations staff.
Contact Henrietta Flinn for more information and to confirm your attendance.
Café Contacts + Kids in a child-friendly café at the same time as Café Contacts.
Contact Anja Haehnle
Next Café Contacts: Friday 5 October

Alora Hike
16 September
On the Way to Chartres (Part 1). 15 km.
For details, contactez Jacques Scornaux, 01 41 93 19 28.

Alora Annual General Assembly
17 September at 12:45 pm
Boulogne, 2385 12:45-2:00 pm
All members are invited to attend.

Alora Evening museum visits
Wednesday 19 september
Join your guide Claude Rocca for a set of ten Evening Museum visits one Wednesday evening per month.
The first tour in this series will be held on 19 September at the Musée du Louvre, “History 3D”. Amis du Louvre membership is required.
Limited to 25 participants for the season, first come, first served.
In English. 165€ for the 10 visits, no individual visits, includes entrance fee when applicable.
Payment to Alora. For more information, a list of the other visit dates and to sign up, contact Alora.

Alora Exploring Paris - The Accursed Kings
20 September at 10 am - Meeting : Exit métro Temple
Join your guide Claude Rocca for a walking tour from M° Temple to the Ile de la Cité. Learn all about the famous accursed kings and the Hundred Years’ War.
In English. 14€ for members, 17€ for non-members.
You may also sign up for 6 visits (75€) or the complete set of 10 visits (125€) but no reimbursements in case of absence.
For more information and to sign up, contact Leslie White. Send your payment to the ALORA office.

Alora History Walking Tours - Château de Vincennes
22 September at 10:30 am
Discover the secrets of the Château de Vincennes.
Limited to 25 participants.
In English. 15€ for members, 18€ for non-members, plus entrance fee on-site.
You may also sign up for the complete set of 8 visits (105€) but no reimbursements in case of absence.
For more information a list of the eight visits and to sign up, contact Patricia Norre. Send your payment to the ALORA office.

Alora Communication en Français et Echanges Culturels
27 September at 10:00 Bâtiment Marshall, Salle ALORA 5, La Muette

Alora Famous Artists of Montmartre Walking Tour
Every Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm, M° Blanche.
Join your guide Eileen Grison to discover what drew famous artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso and Toulouse-Lautrec to Montmartre.
Experience some of the most important sites in the history of modern art while learning what life was like in the bohemian village of Montmartre during the Belle Époque.
90 minutes. Limited to 10 participants per visit. 8€ for ALORA members (instead of 10€).
For more information and to sign up, contact Eileen Grison.

Alora Reduced-price theatre tickets
See the full list of performances

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