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Membership to ALORA is open to current staff of the OECD, NEA and IEA, secondments, delegation members, retired staff and staff partners.


Membership form

Submit the following membership form to register as an ALORA Member:  membership form


Membership fees

The annual membership fee to ALORA is 54 euros per year (4.50 euros / month). 


OECD staff will have 4.50 euros deducted from their monthly salary.


IEA staff, secondments, delegation members, retired staff and staff partners are requested to pay the full annual membership fee either via bank transfer, or as a cheque (payable to "ALORA").


Membership card

A membership card will be issued to external members once your application has been processed.

This card can be used to prove membership and validity for member-only offers and discounts.


ALORA membership fees, 2019


The majority of ALORA’s funding is from membership fees. Other sources include support from the OECD for some staffing costs and infrastructure.


The current funding, however, is insufficient to allow for the association to keep up with costs and to realise future projects.


Following a vote by the 2015/17 ALORA Board, and after a review including cost valuations for medium and long-term needs, the 2017/19 ALORA Board voted unanimously to increase membership dues to 4.50€ per month from 1 March 2019. This means your annual contribution will be 54€ per year (1€/week).


Did you know?

The ALORA secretariat receives hundreds of requests a day. This is managed by just one part-time staff member. Volunteers are an important source of help.


What’s in the budget?


The 2018/19 budget of EUR 72k is shared 55% on events (of which 60% is allocated to the Sumer Party), 30% on activities (of which 50% is allocated to the Fitness room) and 15% towards office administration.






The majority of the additional income is planned for new staff to help the secretariat deal with an increasing workload. With regular membership growth and the expansion of ALORA activities and offers, the office has needed additional help for some time.


Since 2016 the secretariat has benefitted from an intern programme to assist during peak periods, however, a more permanent solution is needed. A second secretariat position will allow better distribution of the workload, ensure regular secretariat services at both OECD sites and allow more time for business development. The remainder of the additional budget will be allocated to improving ALORA services, namely a new website, to cover increasing administration fees and to provide more activity funding. 


What to do?


If you wish to continue being a member of ALORA, benefitting from the hundreds of activities, offers and events, then there is nothing further to do.

For OECD, IEA and NEA staff, the fee will continue to be automatically deducted from your monthly salary. Non staff will be contacted individually when their existing membership expires.

If you wish to change your membership status, the ALORA office will be happy to help you via


With your continued support, ALORA will continue its tradition of over 20 years in providing great value for quality activities and offers. At the same time, it ensures our Association is on a pathway for financial sustainability well into the future.  


We thank you for your continued support and participation in your association,


The ALORA Board (2017/19)

Damian, Ron, Phyllis, Derek, Axelle, Franck, Laurent, Pedro and Robin 

Updated 28 February 2019.