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English in Action - intensive workout!

Description: Develop your skills in spoken English to communicate with confidence in every day social and professional life with linguist Dr Jill Taylor-Ramsey.Private coaching and intensive workshops available by arrangement.

Place: Marshall Building

Date/Time: To be discussed with the teacher

Cost: To be discussed with the teacher

Professor: Jill Taylor-Ramsey BAHons, L-ès-L, M-ès-L, PhD, linguist, phonetician and translator, is an expert in pronunciation with a vast knowledge of issues for non-native speakers. She is an experienced university lecturer and dialogue coach for TV and cinema, with publications including three books, and a number of articles and international conference papers including at Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Harvard and the Sorbonne. With her, you will not only perfect your pronunciation, but overcome difficulties in following a telephone conversation or a film dialogue, and learn to express yourself clearly and with confidence.

To Enrol: Contact the teacher: Jill Taylor-Ramsey