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Famous Artists of Montmartre Tour

Discover what drew famous artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso and Toulouse-Lautrec to Montmartre and experience some of the most magnificent views over Paris. (Visit in English)


Eileen Grison  is a local guide and she will show you some of the most important sites in the history of modern art as well as give you an insight into what life was like in the bohemian village of Montmartre during the  Belle Époque. 


Length: 90 minutes duration


Cost: 10€ for ALORA members, 20€ for non-members, Limited to 10 participants per visit.


When and where: Every Saturday afternoon at 3 pm, Metro Blanche


To enrol or for more information, contact  - Eileen Grison.


Eileen Grison

Eileen Grison


Diploma or qualifications : 

Bachelor of Arts Degree - Italian and English

11 years of experience