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Abdo, Gasquet Method

Abdominal Classes: Elongate, slim down, stretch, and refine your mid-section...Never squeeze, shorten, or push out the core muscles. Improve your posture in your everyday life.

You complain of having a sore back, of having a belly...with regard to the latter, your diet may be one of the factors, but also your posture may play a part. The bad habits developed throughout our lifetime make our spine and core muscles fragile.
This class will make you aware of you body’s damaging habits, and will re-teach you about good posture as well as help you strengthen your core. 

Place: Boulogne Building, Room 0084

Date/Time:  Thursday at 11:00

Medical Certificate compulsory :  To know more

Instructor/To Enrol: Sylvie Marchal


Sylvie Marchal

Sylvie Marchal


Diploma or qualifications : 

D.E. Professeur de Jazz - Zumba Instructeur - Piloxing Barre Instructeur - Abdo De Gasquet


Experience :

Danse : 30 years

Zumba : 5 years

Abdo de Gasquet : 6 months