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Krav Maga


• The ALORA KRAV MAGA group invites new members to join our regular courses which take place three times per week in the ALORA sports rooms at the Marshal building and Boulogne..  
• The classes provide an initiation to Krav Maga techniques.   
• Suitable for all levels from beginners to more advanced, and for both male and female students.
• Classes start with a warm-up and stretching, followed by basic self-defence techniques such as hits, kicks, body holds and defending against weapons.   We also do some supervised and friendly initiation into sparring.  
• Monday and Thursday classes provide an initiation into Krav Maga self defence techniques.  The Friday evening sessions also incorporate traditional shotokan Karate and katas.. 
• Classes are led by André Eychenne who works in OECD security team and is black belt and qualified instructor.
• There are no particular requirements – just turn up in normal sports-ware: tee shirt, jogging trousers and training shoes. Students who come regularly should also wear a groin protection. 
• Classes are free of charge but you must be a member of ALORA to participate


If you would like to come along for a free trial class then you would be very welcome.


Date/Time: Classes take place three times per week:
Mondays from 12h00 to 13h00 - Marshall Building, ALORA Room 4 
Thursdays from 12h00 to 13h00 – Boulogne Building Room BB 0084 
Fridays from 18h00 to 19h30 - Marshall Building, ALORA Room 4


Andre Eychenne

Classes are taught by  André Eychenne who works in OECD security team and is karate black belt and qualified instructor.

His classes are based upon traditional Karate but incorporate some self-defence techniques (body holds and weapons) inspired by Krav Maga.


André's classes are free of charge (you must have paid the annual licence and insurance


Diploma or qualifications : 
Karate black belt 1st dan -  Federal Instructor

23 years of experience 

2 years with Alora




There is annual fee of  €45 for the JKA (Japanese Karate Association) license and insurance. 

- The licence and insurance is taken out with the Paris branch of JKA. 

- The JKA licence also allows you to take grading exams for coloured belts and to train with JKA Paris club’s in Paris 4th and 16th arrondissements


Students may attend two or three trial classes free of charge - but the insurance is obligatory for all students who wish to train regularly!!!.


Medical Certificate compulsory :  To know more


To Enrol:  David WoodingValerie Lafon or Andre Eychenne