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Piloxing Barre

Description: is a combination of Pilates and Boxing. With Pilates, you have the ability to stabilize and create true balance. The Barre is a tool, an external source of resistance. It leads to better balance, helps initiate a deeper muscle engagement. Boxing «The Power punches » cardiovascular involvement, stress release.  

Place: Marshall Building, ALORA Room 1

Date/Time:  Tuesday from 1 to 2 pm 

Cost: First class 10€, then 12€ per class or 100€ for a 10-class card valid 3 months

Medical Certificate compulsory :  To know more

Instructor/To Enrol: Sylvie Marchal


Sylvie Marchal

Sylvie Marchal


Diploma or qualifications : 

D.E. Professeur de Jazz - Zumba Instructeur - Piloxing Barre Instructeur - Abdo De Gasquet


Experience :

Danse : 30 years

Zumba : 5 years

Abdo de Gasquet : 6 months